Hello, friends!

I thought about starting a blog for years.

I had a name all picked out. I was going to call it, “The Musings of an Introverted Teenager.” It was going to be perfect. You all would love it. But I never did.

I’m twenty years old now, and my blog title doesn’t even work anymore. But I realized in the past couple weeks that a blog could be exactly what I need.

I do a lot of late night writing sessions, but the words I write never go beyond my documents folder in my laptop. I’ve gone back and looked at my ramblings and realized that someone, somewhere, at some point in time could possibly be encouraged by what I wrote to encourage myself.

I decided that I was being a bit selfish by keeping my words to myself. I do not mean for that to sound arrogant in any way at all. I don’t expect anyone who reads this to say that a post changed their life, I’m just saying that by keeping my thoughts to myself, I’ve lost my chance to encourage anyone, ever.

So that is my goal for this blog.

If at any point in time this blog brings hope, joy, a smile, or a laugh from anyone, then it will be worth it for me. I can’t guarantee that I will blog all the time, but I would like to say that you will hear from me at least once a week.

I want you to know from the get go that I will be sharing my heart on this blog. I’m not afraid of being real with you all.

Having never done this before, I honestly don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’ll just do what I always end up doing and just see where this goes!

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