Easter Prep

Easter is almost here.

As this weekend approaches, people all over the world are busy preparing their homes for the festivities. Leaders within churches are preparing their messages, the band is practicing, and the members of the congregation are preparing to welcome the community with open arms. But in the midst of all this Easter prep, I find it hard to prepare myself for Easter.

As a volunteer, I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to figure out what Easter will look like in my area of service. Being a “doer”, I have tried my best to do all this prep for Easter. But I have gotten so distracted by what Easter can do for others that I’ve forgotten what Easter has already done for me.

Easter is the day we set aside to remember why we have hope. Jesus is alive! That is why I can laugh, smile, dance, and anticipate heaven. But in the middle of all this stuff, this good stuff, I can miss out on the simple fact of what Easter means.

I always remind myself of Martha from the book of Luke. She was always busy, always moving, always trying to do things for Jesus. Her sister, Mary, simply sat with Jesus. And Jesus said that Mary had chosen better.

Does Jesus want me to serve others? Of course. Does He expect me to? Yes, I believe so. Does He want the busyness of Easter to distract me from the meaning of Easter? No.

This Easter I need to get out of my Martha mentality and sit with Jesus. Do you?

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