Speaking of the Future….

The future is a scary, scary thing.

The knowledge that one day I will move out and be in charge of myself is slightly terrifying. Eventually I will have to pay for my own home, get my own groceries, have my own car payments, and do all sorts of other grown-up things. This scares and excites me at the same time.

Last night I spent some time looking at car prices, just to see where I need to be financially in the next year or two. This only made my fear escalate.

Sometimes I think its funny that as children we always wanted to grow up. Why did we think it was so exciting to be an adult? The older I get, the younger I wish I was.

I am a what-if person. So last night for me became a night of what-ifs. What if I make a mistake and move out too soon? What if I can’t support myself financially? What if I buy a car I can’t afford? And on and on and on. But you know what I remembered in the middle of my freak out session? I remembered that God has the whole world in His hands. And not only does He have the world in His hands today, but He will have it tomorrow too. He hold my every tomorrow, and I am safe in His hands.

Another thing I remembered last night was the fact that I can’t surprise God by my actions. God isn’t going to look at my choice of apartment complex, job, degree, or husband and say, “That wasn’t the plan! Now what do I do with you?!”

Do I believe that God has a plan for me? Absolutely. Do I think that God can work through the mistakes I am bound to make? Yes. If He couldn’t, then we would all already be done living.

Last night my what-if session turned into a this-is-what-I-know-about-my-God session. I know that God has my future in His hands, and I know that He can work through my mistakes. How comforting to know that!


A Reason to Sing

DISCLAIMER: I don’t want anyone to think that I am at all pointing a finger at anyone but myself in this post. The posts that I write tend to be directly from my journal or my brain. I am reprimanding myself as much as anything.

Music is such a beautiful way to give God glory. If you are like me, you have a few all-time favorite worship songs. These songs hold truths that you have clung to in hard times and have declared in all seasons.

Sometimes though, there are songs that don’t speak to us in the same way that others do. So what do we do then? Do we just suffer through the next four minutes and hope that the worship leader doesn’t continue singing the bridge over and over? Let me propose to you the idea that worship isn’t about us.

Now I know what you are thinking, of course it isn’t! It’s about God. Duh.

You are correct, worship should be about God. But when you and I pick and choose our way around certain worship songs or ways of worship, we turn the act of worship into something that is focused on us.

Now am I saying that you can’t have a favorite worship song? Not at all! You put me in a room and have anyone start singing “Here For You” or “Forever Reign” or so many others, I will worship. But if worship really is giving God the glory in everything, shouldn’t we do that even when it isn’t our favorite song?

Louie Giglio says that, “Worship is simply giving God His breath back.” We need to be in a constant state of giving God His breath back, regardless of what song is on.

“The Desert Song” by Hillsong is one of those songs that always gets me. One of its lyrics says, very simply, that I have a reason to sing. And isn’t that so true? I have so many reasons to sing to God. He has done so much for me, and if I simply sat down and took more than one minute to thank Him, I think I just might end up singing.

“Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.” Psalm 63:3

Life lessons in unexpected places

I don’t know if you know this, but I work at an urgent care as the main receptionist. I’ve been at EUC for almost four years, and in that time I have learned a lot about people.

People come to see me when they are sick. One thing is for sure, no one is happy when they are sick. That being said I typically interact with people at their worst time. I don’t expect to get anything out of the minimal conversation I have with people, for the most part I just try to not get covered in germs while handing them their paperwork.

One day, just like every other day, I had a elderly couple come in my office. This couple had to have been in their late seventies/early eighties. I could tell that there was something different about them. They seemed so happy.

The gentleman asked me the date, and when I told him he looked at his wife and said, “Honey! Three days until our anniversary!” Her eyes just lit up. He asked me to guess how long they had been married. I played along and jokingly said “Hmmmmm, fifty years?!” He responds by saying, “Sweetie, you underestimate us.” Then they looked at each other with so much love and joy and said, in unison I might add, “sixty-two long, arduous years.”, and then they both laughed.

I was blown away.

They go on to tell me that they met in the seventh grade. Seventh grade! My first thought is, Well Gabs, you are a little bit behind! But to see a couple be committed for so long, and to still be so in love, brought a smile to my face and encouragement to my heart.

Seeing the love they had for each other made me believe that they still is love in this messed up world. I know that had I been able to sit down and talk to this couple about their relationship they would tell me that God was a part of it. Some people don’t have to say they are Christians, you can just tell.

As a receptionist, I’ve learned a lot of random things that I won’t use anywhere else in my life. But what that couple taught me in five minutes’ time about commitment and loyalty will go with me wherever I am. So thank you, elderly couple. Thank you for showing me that people can be committed, loyal, and happy, that love in a marriage isn’t something you get over, and that after sixty-two long, arduous years, people can love each other even more than they did in the seventh grade.