I have a pair of shoes in my closet that I’ve only worn once. You know when you have a special occasion and you feel the need to buy new shoes to go with the new dress? That is what happened with these shoes. Now honestly, these shoes aren’t cute or comfortable, but I found them necessary for my outfit, so I bought them, wore them once, and stuck them in my closet.

That was three years ago, and for some reason I STILL have the shoes. Like I said, I haven’t worn them since and don’t really even like them. But I keep them around, thinking that maybe one day I will need them again.

The other day I was talking to my friend and she mentioned these ugly shoes, which reminded me of the fact that they are still lurking on my shoe tree. Later that day, I realized that sometimes we keep sin like I keep my shoes.

We all have at least one sin that is a habit. It is different for everyone, but I know that we all have something in particular that we battle with. Sometimes we do it because it is fun and cute, other times we just feel like its necessary. And when we aren’t actually sinning, we tend to keep it in our closet so we can pull it out just in case we need it.

Just like my ugly shoes, the sin in our lives takes up space and can keep us from other things that are so much better. I am running out of room on my shoe tree (girl problems, I know) and if I get rid of those shoes I have room for another pair! It is the same with the sin. Not that we should trade sin for sin, but that we should rid ourselves of the sin and make room for the great things God has for us.

I recently heard someone say that when Jesus came He not only conquered sin, but He conquered the power of sin in our lives. Not only did Jesus save us from death and separation, but He brought us the opportunity for the best life possible. Because of Jesus we don’t HAVE to sin anymore!

Now I’m going to be honest. Most times I’ve found that sinning is typically easier and way more fun, but there are always consequences.

So what is the sin that you’ve been keeping around, “Just in case”? Once you’ve identified it, GET RID OF IT. Open yourself up not only to Jesus forever, but to Jesus today.

As for me, it is probably time for some deep cleaning. Deep cleaning in my room, but more importantly in my heart.

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