Why Sundays Make Me Smile

One morning a week I wake up smiling. I smile because I know what the day before me holds. When I wake up and realize that it is Sunday, I feel like I just remembered it was my birthday. Sundays make me smile. Let me tell you why.

The people I see on Sundays make me smile. They are such an encouragement to me. We talk, hug, catch up on each others lives, and serve together. And the kids! The kids I see on Sundays melt my heart and fill me with more joy than I can contain.

The way I get to worship on Sundays makes me smile. I am a firm believer in worshipping God alone, and do so on a regular basis, but corporate worship is like nothing else. I believe that it is such a pure picture of what Heaven will be like. Imagine getting to sing praises to our God every day for eternity.

The family I get to be with on Sundays make me smile. In my house, Sundays are a day to reconnect, laugh, and beat each other at board/card games. We turn off our electronics and focus on what is happening where we are. Some of our best memories have come from lazy Sunday afternoons.

The rest I get on Sundays makes me smile. Sundays are the Sabbath day, a day of rest from your many duties. I’ll be honest, a lot of my Sunday afternoons are homework afternoons, but the times that I can just sit quietly with my Bible or a good book soothe me and prepare me for the busyness of the week ahead.

The God I get to serve makes me smile. Every single reason I have listed can be summed up in Him. He is the reason I have the family I have. He is the reason I go to church and serve and worship. He is the reason I have the joy I do. I can laugh in the face of my fears, dance in the middle of my doubts, and rejoice in the middle of my trials, all because of Him.

Sundays make me smile. But then again, with God, every single day gives me a reason to smile.


Adventure is Out There!

About twice a year I get a bug. It’s a seasonal thing that I have yet to find a cure for. When it comes, and trust me, it always does, I find that there is only one thing I can do to get it out of my system. I have to leave.

Twice a year, I get bit by the travel bug.

It gets me right around the beginning of Summer break and again at Christmas time. Whenever the bug bites me, I get this longing in my heart to see new things, to experience cultures and people who I have yet to experience, to make my little world a bit bigger.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve traveled via missions trips to places all over the globe in the past years, and those times have been some of the best for my heart. Mission trips were the cultivation of my recurring travel bug. But even with all the places I have been, I get so discontented when I look at a map. There is so much that I haven’t seen.

Now I’m not saying I don’t like my life. I love where I am at. This is not me complaining about living in a boring, little town. This is me saying that there is just so much MORE in this world than the town I live in, and sometimes I forget that.

With my summer semester of school coming to a close (FINALLY!), the restlessness in my soul returns. I want to get out there. There are days when I just want to pack a bag, drive to the airport, and fly wherever. And not because of some dramatic event or because I hate my life, but because I want to see everything!

If you have known me all my life and are reading this post, you are all ready laughing. As a child, I wasn’t going anywhere, ever. And if I was leaving the house, my whole family was coming with. But as I grew up I learned to appreciate and even crave time alone, away from my normal environment. It is in those times that I grow.

Sometimes, what I need is a beautiful place that I haven’t seen before to get some clarity. Traveling does that for me every single time.

With all of that being said, you are probably thinking that I am announcing some big tour of the USA or that I am backpacking through Europe. Let me respond to that by saying two things, “I wish!” and, “Not yet”. I can’t always pick up and leave because the travel bug bites me, but I can dream. I can dream and remember that there is a big world out there that God made for me to discover. And I can plan. Oh how I have planned. I do intend to see every state in America. I long to see Europe, with all its beauty, architecture, and history. I have every intention of going to these places and so many others. But for tonight I will have to be content with the knowledge that adventure is out there and that one day soon, I will find it.

P.S. Sorry if this sounds as “teenage angst” to you as it does to me. I think a bit of discontent is healthy; it keeps me from becoming too comfortable. That is all.