The Art of Being Single

Yesterday I found an interesting entry in my journal dating back to last November. I wrote this entry after baptizing one of my precious small group girls. In this post, I wrote about how, being single, I have a lot of time to influence others and work for the Lord. Reading this almost a year later, I laughed at how applicable these words are for me today. Here is a portion of what I wrote.

“I want someone to look at me and say, ‘Yes, she is single. And look at all that she is doing for God. Her commitment to Him is amazing.’ If I can be active, influential, and committed to Christ in my singleness, than my life would truly be worth something.”

I am often convicted by my own words. Being convicted by your own words is a very odd experience. As I read this entry I began to evaluate myself. Am I still as satisfied with being single as I was in November? Am I using my time to invest in others, myself, and in my relationship with God? Am I trying to be active, influential, and committed to Christ in my singleness?

I, not having any real experience, am no expert whatsoever in relationships (relationships as far as boy meets girl. I do have friends, I promise!). I do, however, have plenty of experience in the art of being single. Here are a few things I’ve learned being single, or really just being human (no, I don’t watch that tv show).

My relationship with God has to be number one

I don’t care if you are single, dating, engaged, married, or anything in-between. Your relationship with God has to be the first thing in your life. I know that for me I can feel the difference in my attitude towards others and myself when I am consistently in the Word and praying. I know that this can be a struggle people, it’s a struggle for me too. But it is SO important to make God your priority. Besides single ladies, the guy you want is going to want God to be your first anyways! He certainly can’t fulfill you the way God can, and a smart man already knows that.

My time should be used wisely

I don’t know if your life is like this at all, but mine is constantly moving. There is always something that needs doing. If I am not careful, I can go weeks without doing any one thing on purpose. My dad spoke on this at The Springs just this weekend ( He said that we shouldn’t live our lives by default, and I completely agree with that. If I am not intentional with my relationships, they will deteriorate. If I am not intentional with serving God and others, it won’t happen. If I am not intentional with getting into Scripture, my Bible will collect dust. I have to use my time wisely, or else live my life by default.

My time as a single person should be used well

I personally think that the time you spend single should be spent figuring yourself out. I mean really, who completely understands themselves and what they want out of life at age 18? Pursue your own interests, go see places you want to see, enjoy being alone! This is the advice I’ve been given from many a married person. I am not saying that you should go out and be reckless, what I am saying though is that you should take advantage of the time you have without any major commitment to one person or place.

These are just a few things I have learned. I want, more than most things, to be active, influential, and committed to Christ in my singleness. I also want to know that I have used my time well. So that is what I have to say on the matter, for whatever its worth.

Singleness rant on blog: check!

PS. Please feel free to comment and let me know your opinions on the subject of being single. Or if you have any great travel experience, I would love to hear where you’ve been!

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