White Blank Page

I had already decided by 7 o’clock this morning that today was not going to go as planned. I had unintentionally been awake since 5am feeling sick to my stomach. Also, I walked straight in to the doorframe of my bathroom around 5:45am. Happy Monday, Gabs. Luckily, the pain on my face dulled the pain in the rest of my body. Joy. Running on four hours of sleep I went to work my 8:30am-5pm job, which I love, by the way. No sarcasm for real.

Of course, my day did get better. Free Sonny’s at the office for lunch certainly helped, as did the beautiful weather we experienced. And there is nothing quite like a good Spotify playlist to get you back in the groove. As I sit, exhausted, in my room with a bruise starting to form on my nose, I remember that every day is a new one. As Anne of Green Gables said, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Was I a grump today? A little bit, yeah. I probably have a few people to apologize to for being so snarky. But tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes (yet!).

No matter what happened today, tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a white blank page, ready to be written on. My attitude regarding my day and my actions during the day determine what is written on the page. I love to look at life this way, as a writer it gives me perspective.

Lamentations 3:23 reminds us that God’s mercies are new for us every morning. And what an encouragement that is! It doesn’t matter what I did today, God loves me always.

Days like these always end with a dessert called humble pie. Guys, I am a human and will fail. And that’s okay. It’s actually beautiful because in my failures, God can shine through.

So no matter what your today looked like, remember that tomorrow is a white blank page, that you have a Father who loves you regardless of yourself, and that He can use things like stomach aches, bruised noses, and Sonny’s to remind you of His greatness.


The Power of Being

When someone asks me how I am doing, my response ninety-nine percent of the time is something to the equivalent of, “Good! Busy, but good!” Our society glorifies people who are busy. For some reason, we see busy as good, as something to strive towards. I can’t tell you how many times I have boasted on my multi-tasking abilities (like I have any). But where does it say that being so busy that you can’t see straight means you are doing something right?

I go to a young adult service at a local church on Fridays. One night the pastor spoke on the Sabbath day. He talked about how we are to keep it holy, and why we should take a Sabbath. As someone who has grown up in church, I’ve heard this message a couple times. But, as always, I learned something new.

The Bible tells us in Mark that Jesus left everyone, early in the morning, to be alone with God. Obviously spending time with His Father was a big deal for Him. If Jesus, the One who can do anything, felt like He needed to take a breather, than who am I to think I can do anything less?

You see the Sabbath at the beginning of the whole world. On the seventh day, God Himself rested. Why do we feel like we can constantly be going, when even God rested? Let me say this, I can’t do more than God can. If God needed a break after six days of creating, than you know I need a break after six days of living!

One of my favorite stories, one that convicts me the most, is the story of Mary and Martha with Jesus. Luke tells this story. Jesus and His disciples came to stay at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Martha was the busy one, always moving. I’m pretty sure her love language was acts of service, because she spent the entire time working to make sure that dinner was on time, that the silverware (or whatever it is that they had) was clean, and that the house was spick and span for her special guest. Mary, on the other hand, probably had the love language of quality time. She decided to sit at the feet of Jesus and gain wisdom from His words. Martha gets all upset with Mary and goes to Jesus to say something to Him about it. His response is one that always gets me, every single time:

“‘Martha, Martha,’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed- or indeed only one. Mary has chosen better, and it will not be taken from her.'”

Yikes. Here is the thing. I am a doer. If I have the option, I will do something instead of sitting still. I’m sure many of you are the same way. If Jesus came to my house, I can easily see myself as Martha, stressed out about the fact that my cake over baked and that my chicken is dry.

My point in all of this is as follows: sometimes, doing is overrated. I’m starting to learn that there is a power to just being. Mary was with Jesus. She was just there, soaking up His every word. Jesus left everyone to recharge by hearing from His Father. And here are me and Martha, cleaning up the house, doing the homework, serving at church, and not thinking about stopping to be with Jesus at all.

There is a song I heard for the first time that night at my young adult group. It’s called “I Will Be Still”. I’ll put a link right here if you want to listen to it. It is a beautiful song. Can you imagine just being still? I think that is exactly what God wants for us. It’s why He made the Sabbath. He wants us to be still, to be rested and restored by Him.


Why Marriage Isn’t The End

I was recently able to spend some time catching up with a dear friend of mine. In our time together, sipping frappes from McDonald’s, we talked about how many of our friends are in serious relationships/getting engaged and married. My friend and I, who are so very similar, decided that while marriage is something to look forward to, it should not be seen as the end goal. There is so much more to do than get married and have kids. For the past month, I have spent more and more time thinking about that conversation. Here are a few things that have been running rampant in my brain about why marriage shouldn’t be seen as the end.

    1.   Marriage will not end your insecurities.

I think many people, myself included at times, believe that marriage will solve the problems they have. That cannot be true. What is a relationship if not messy? Marriage is the joining together of two imperfect people. I believe that my insecurities are only magnified in relationships. I don’t think that we can expect anything less in a marriage.

    2.   If marriage is seen as the end, you will be disappointed.

Will marriage be wonderful? I’m sure it will. Will it be an exciting adventure? Absolutely! But if I look at marriage as the thing that will make my life what I think it should be, I will end up disappointed. Too many girls are brought up on books and movies that end with a wedding. Life does not end when you get married. A beautiful adventure begins, one full of joy and heartache. If marriage is the sole thing we strive towards, aren’t we just asking for disappointment when it isn’t all that the romantic comedies say it is?

    3.   Marriage is not my reason for living.

Women who see their only purpose on Earth to get married and have children sell themselves short. I’m not saying that I don’t want to get married and have children one day, I do. I eagerly anticipate those days, but I don’t sit around and long for them to come. The reason that we are alive is to give glory to God and point people to Jesus. That is our purpose. When I get married, my marriage will give glory to God and point people to Jesus. When I have kids, the way I parent will do the same. But until then, I plan on making sure that everything else I do, whether at school, at work, in the car, or at the grocery store, gives glory to God and points people to Jesus. I want my life to count.

Marriage is not the end all. Jesus is.

I don’t want anyone to walk away from this post and see it as some sort of bitter rant against marriage. I promise it isn’t. One day I plan to get married and have children. But in the meantime, my life is going to give glory to God and point people to Jesus. My relationship with Jesus is more important than any relationship I will ever have. It isn’t that I hate marriage, I just love Jesus more.

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

Preeminent Video

Preeminent Video

Sometimes I forget how big God is. Then I see a video like this and remember. God is truly Awesome. If you have never spent time on Relevant Magazine’s website, I highly recommend it. Most times I read an article and wonder how they got into my brain and made sense of all the thoughts jumbled inside. So solid. Enjoy this video and be encouraged by the God who loves you.

Reasons Why The Weekend Rules

While I am not the kind of person who hates the weekdays and loves the weekend, I will be the first to admit that the weekends certainly have their perks. Here are some reasons why the weekend rules.

048I’m sorry, but do you see these beauties? Who wouldn’t want to spend ALL DAY SATURDAY in them?


Weekends are the pretty much the only time I have to do any of my crafting/reinventing. I have so many projects currently half finished in my room. Here is one of them. Eventually this will be on my wall with five other ones. Maybe by July?




Nothing says weekend like hats that make you look like a sk8er boi, meeting a creepy Santa, and hanging out at the Gaylord Palms hotel in Orlando in an 8 degree room with the coolest (PUN) ice sculptures on the planet.

I also spent the weekend with my BFF, eating Taco Bell at ungodly hours and watching romantic comedies from the 90’s. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan ALL the way. We were too busy stuffing our faces with nachos and trying not to wake up my family from laughing so much to take any pictures. I’m so disappointed in us.

055I’ve also found the weekend to be a wonderful time to refocus and remind myself of who holds everything that happened in the past week and everything that will happen in the week that is to come. Even when I fail, which is often, God never does. How encouraging is that?

Guys, lets take this week by storm.