White Blank Page

I had already decided by 7 o’clock this morning that today was not going to go as planned. I had unintentionally been awake since 5am feeling sick to my stomach. Also, I walked straight in to the doorframe of my bathroom around 5:45am. Happy Monday, Gabs. Luckily, the pain on my face dulled the pain in the rest of my body. Joy. Running on four hours of sleep I went to work my 8:30am-5pm job, which I love, by the way. No sarcasm for real.

Of course, my day did get better. Free Sonny’s at the office for lunch certainly helped, as did the beautiful weather we experienced. And there is nothing quite like a good Spotify playlist to get you back in the groove. As I sit, exhausted, in my room with a bruise starting to form on my nose, I remember that every day is a new one. As Anne of Green Gables said, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Was I a grump today? A little bit, yeah. I probably have a few people to apologize to for being so snarky. But tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes (yet!).

No matter what happened today, tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a white blank page, ready to be written on. My attitude regarding my day and my actions during the day determine what is written on the page. I love to look at life this way, as a writer it gives me perspective.

Lamentations 3:23 reminds us that God’s mercies are new for us every morning. And what an encouragement that is! It doesn’t matter what I did today, God loves me always.

Days like these always end with a dessert called humble pie. Guys, I am a human and will fail. And that’s okay. It’s actually beautiful because in my failures, God can shine through.

So no matter what your today looked like, remember that tomorrow is a white blank page, that you have a Father who loves you regardless of yourself, and that He can use things like stomach aches, bruised noses, and Sonny’s to remind you of His greatness.

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