Coffee Shop Thoughts

I’ve recently began frequenting a local coffee shop whose name I will not admit to. Let’s just say that their red cups are a holiday coffee drinker’s favorite thing to see. As the baristas begin to know my name, order, and life, I look around and notice that I am not the only “regular” they have. Now if you don’t know this about me already, here it is. I am an avid people watcher. I love to watch people respond to situations and make up stories about their lives. It helps me to remember that everyone I see has a story, whether known or not.

Right now there is a guy here who I haven’t seen before. He looks like he is super stressed out. I like to think that he is looking at the cost of graduate school, something he has always wanted to do, and cannot figure out how he will be able to afford it.

And of course I will never be able to forget the most awkward first date ever. And no, it wasn’t mine. But goodness, I was in pain listening/watching that go down.

There is this one elderly gentleman that has been here literally every single time I come. He sits in the front of the shop with a newspaper, a cup of coffee, and his kindle. He knows all the baristas by name. I always wonder what his story is.

Sitting in this coffee shop reminds me why I like to, why I have to write. Stories should never, ever remain untold.

Some stories are told simply for entertainment. Like the time that I dropped gum out of my mouth ON STAGE during a worship set at my church. Or the time(s) that I’ve fallen up the stairs at the office or spilled coffee on myself.

Other stories are told as tales of caution. Like the time I procrastinated on getting gas and, surprise, ran out. Moral of the story, don’t play games with your gas tank. If it’s on E, fill up!

Still other stories are told to encourage us. Like the time I was asked to write an article about a organization that is helping the homeless in my community. I was encouraged simply writing that.

Some people don’t think they have stories worth telling. I’m telling you that is false. All stories, laughter-ensuing, tear-jerking, thought-provoking, or otherwise, are worth telling.

Tell your stories.

These are my coffee shop thoughts. 

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