Stuck In A Rut

I watched an obscene amount of Little House On The Prairie as a young girl, mostly due to my mother’s obsession with the books. I remember one time when the wheels of the Ingall’s family wagon got stuck in the mud. They couldn’t move until the mud had dried and Pa could dig them out.

So that’s where the expression stuck in a rut came from!

Sometimes, life can feel like a wagon whose wheels are stuck in the mud. No matter how hard we try, we go nowhere. Nothing changes. We are still stuck in the same place.

Recently I’ve gotten this feeling of being in a rut. I think a lot of it comes from not having any definite upcoming travel plans. I always look forward to going to new places, and not having anything solid on the horizon is more than a little sad for me. I crave new experiences.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to be an anomaly of yourself, but at times I feel like I am just that. I am a person who craves consistency and protects her plans. But recently, I’ve found myself attempting to do things differently simply because it’s different. Most of it is silly and pointless, like parking in a different spot when I go to the office, eating something different for lunch, and changing up my makeup routine.

I used to really abhor change. I hated it when things were suddenly different. The older I get, the more I understand that change is more than just good, it’s necessary. Things have to change. If things don’t change, things die. Change is a natural cycle.

Change can either hurt, or it can heal. It can either grow us, or break us. It is all in how we see it.

Everything goes back to our perspective. A lot of things in my life are the same as they were six months ago. I work at the same place, live in the same home, go to the same school, and spend time with the same people that I spent time with six months ago. However, a lot has changed within those things. The right perspective can show you that things are always changing and evolving; your job, your relationships, everything.

I got a fortune at a new Chinese place (because I’m trying new things to get out of a rut!) and it said, “Relish the transitions in your life, they will happen regardless”. I kept that fortune and it is in my wallet even as I write this.

Eventually, Pa gets the wheels out of that mud and the Ingall’s journey continues. This doesn’t mean that was the last time their wagon got stuck. We will still feel like we are in a rut sometimes. We just have to see it as a moment, and not as forever.

Things will change, they must change. We can either see this as the end of the world, or as the end of a rut.


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